Design jobs & vacancies in Netherlands

Skill Design in Netherlands is mostly found in categories :

Admin Support (1), Translation (1), Sales & Marketing (1), Computer/Internet (1), IT & Networking (1), Customer Service (1), Marketing/Advertising/PR (1),

The other popular skills worth learning and having up to date in your toolbelt are the ones found in conjunction with the Design skill :

Marketing (3), Training (3), Research (3), IT (2), Analytics (2), SQL (2), Translation (1), Review (1), Customer Service (1), Databases (1), xml (1), Segmentation (1), Testing (1), Negotiation (1), Recruitment (1), Target (1), Media (1), Data Quality (1), Analytical skills (1), Sales (1), Java (1), Programming Language (1), Business Analysis (1), Data analysis (1), Android (1), Written Communication (1), JavaScript (1), CSS (1),

Jobs great for Design skill Netherlands

Account Manager Strategic Partnerships - Russia
Netherlands, Amsterdam Sales & Marketing / Marketing Strategy

Analytical skills Business Analysis Design Marketing Negotiation Research Sales Segmentation Target xml

97 days ago

As an Account Manager Strategic Partnerships, you support BV in building and maintaining partnerships throughout the region with both new and existing partners. This role requires an individual with a strong background, highly motivated and travel industry knowledge, accompanied with the ability to build relationships to immerse themselves intoRead more...

Android Developer
Netherlands, Amsterdam Computer/Internet / Software Engineer

Android Design Java Recruitment Training

80 days ago

We are looking for talented Android Developers to join our mobile team in our Amsterdam headquarters and help us to make the best travel app in the world! Our Android developers are given the freedom to make meaningful and measurable improvements to our top rated mobile app and impact moreRead more...

Dynamic Creative Specialist
Netherlands, Amsterdam Marketing/Advertising/PR / Online Marketing Manager

JavaScript Analytics CSS Design IT Media SQL Testing

76 days ago

The dynamic creative specialist has proven experience within the digital space and is familiar with best practices around dynamic creatives. The ideal candidate should be looking to develop their own dynamic creative optimization skills within a data driven-environment and is passionate about the combination of creative and tech. He/She willRead more...

Business Integrity Analyst
Netherlands, Amsterdam IT & Networking / Information Security

Data analysis Data Quality Databases Design Research SQL Written Communication

74 days ago BV (the company behind™, the market leading online hotel reservation service in the world) is looking for a Business Integrity Analyst. The Business Integrity Operations team is responsible for managing different activities and investigations to ensure compliance with the different sanctions regulations including sanction screening, KYC/KYP, and anti-moneyRead more...

Learning & Development Project Manager
Netherlands, Amsterdam Customer Service / Customer Service

Customer Service Design Marketing Research Training

72 days ago

At, our learning initiatives are structured to enable a learning culture, powered by the learner, where our people have access to the right learning opportunities at the right time in a medium that best suits them. This role will be responsible for designing, prioritizing, innovating and improving topic specificRead more...

Language Process Lead - Content Agency
Netherlands, Amsterdam Translation / Legal Translation

Analytics Design Review Training Translation

68 days ago, the market leading online hotel reservation service in the world) is looking for a Language Process Lead for our Content Agency department. In this role you will be responsible for leading transition of localization teams (internal/external) to a new translation management system (TMS), from prioritizing contents & workflowsRead more...

DevOps Engineer - IT Services
Netherlands, Amsterdam Admin Support / Other - Admin Support

Design IT Marketing Programming Language

68 days ago

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our IT Services Infrastructure team at our Amsterdam headquarters. As a member of this team, your primary goal will be to continuously and structurally improve the usability, reliability and maintainability of the IT Services, impacting our employees digital experience all aroundRead more...