Marketing Strategy jobs & vacancies in Netherlands

Skill Marketing Strategy in Netherlands is mostly found in categories :

Marketing/Advertising/PR (2), Web, Mobile & Software Dev (1),

The other popular skills worth learning and having up to date in your toolbelt are the ones found in conjunction with the Marketing Strategy skill :

Marketing (3), Research (3), Leadership (2), Target (1), Target Audience (1), Computer Science (1), Market Research (1), Analytics (1), Written Communication (1), Analytical skills (1), Digital Marketing (1), Email Marketing (1), Strategic Planning (1),

Jobs great for Marketing Strategy skill Netherlands

Marketing Analyst - Email Marketing
Netherlands, Amsterdam Marketing/Advertising/PR / Online Marketing Manager

Analytics Computer Science Email Marketing Leadership Marketing Marketing Strategy Research

81 days ago

As a Data/Marketing Analyst at you will be responsible for developing and implementing metrics and reporting to drive business understanding, build high-quality data sources and will support business stakeholders with actionable insights. We are looking for a passionate person to join our analytics teams in affiliate marketing. You areRead more...

Program Manager Partner Marketing - Go To Market
Netherlands, Amsterdam Marketing/Advertising/PR / Online Marketing Manager

Analytical skills Digital Marketing Leadership Marketing Marketing Strategy Research Strategic Planning Target Target Audience Written Communication

75 days ago

We are looking for people to support the business in the fast-growing hotel markets. This role is part of the Partner Marketing track who work to unlock scalable conversations that empower all partners to discover commercial opportunities. Our target audience are a diverse range of accommodation partners globally who areRead more...

Head of Product Marketing
Netherlands, Amsterdam Web, Mobile & Software Dev / Product Management

Market Research Marketing Marketing Strategy Research

72 days ago is the world’s #1 accommodation site and the 3rd largest global e-commerce player – our mission is to empower people to experience the world. This success is only possible if we continue to have the most creative, entrepreneurial and customer centric talent we can find! invests in digitalRead more...